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Sponsorship & Premium Options!


Our premium memberships give your employer brand & recruiting campaign the ultimate exposure & options from front page sponsorship to featured posts to even more profile design options.

Hospital Showrooms
Your Hospital Employer Showroom  is beautifully designed to match your employer branding. It gives applicants an overview of your Hospital as an employer. It also links to your Career Showcases, Career Listings & Additional Showroom Pages.

Additional Rooms
Additional rooms can be added to your Showroom. They can showcase other facets of your Hospital such as benefits, culture, specialties, locations or anything else you like. They also are designed with your Hospital’s branding. They connect with your Hospital Showroom & can also be featured in related areas on our network.

Career Showcases
(Perpetual Hiring)

All hospitals hire physicians, nurses & clinical staff on a regular basis. So, we have year-round Career Showcases that are actually beautifully designed full pages with your Hospital’s branding and contain all the information applicants need to know. They connect with your Hospital Showroom & can be featured in our Medical Specialty Categories.

Job Listings
(Specific Jobs)

When you’re hiring for specific positions, you need  traditional job listings. Our job listings are the perfect complement to your Hospital Employer Showroom & Career Showcases. Include a Full Description, Images, Logo, Video, Application Link, Career Site Link & links to all of your content on our network.

Location Showcases
Add on Showcases for each of your locations or practices. They can be placed on CareerHospital, any of our medical specialty career sites and/or any of CareerMVP’s city & state career sites.

Give applicants more information about your Hospital or Medical Company with Press Releases, Articles and Physician, Nursing & Executive Interviews & Profiles.

Feature your Hospital, Locations, Specialties & Career Listings on the Front Page, Site Menu or Categories on CareerHospital, our medical specialty career sites and/or any of CareerMVP’s city & state career sites.

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We are totally focused on quality and therefore only allow the absolute top hospitals and medical companies to post. So in order to post, your Hospital or Medical Company must first be approved by our Editorial Staff.

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